Why Gauhati University Hated The Most? Student Rage For GU Exam

Gauhati University:

26 April, 2021 – Gauhati University is one of the most popular University in North East. However it is quite famous for its lame decision making & risking student lives.

In this Covid-19 situation where there is a second wave, Gauhati University is about to hold offline exam. Even though most of the students are complaining about the exam, Due to lame decisions of the board members, They are constantly ignoring these situations.

Gauhati University

Education minister “Himanta Biswa Sarma” stated on Twitter that “In case the daily case rate in Guwahati Metro touches 1000, the district administration has been authorized to take a decision to close down educational institutions & hostels.”

Yesterday, 25 April, 2021 “Himanta Biswa Sarma” again shared a statistics regarding the current Covid-19 situation.

Although the daily cases is not as high as 1000, It’s still more than 700 in Guwahati. All the people should take proper care to not to get infected by CoronaVirus.

The main problem regarding education is there are students in Gauhati University who are from all around Assam. Guwahati is the least safe city where the students wanna come. There are chances that someone might get infected when they are coming for the exam. As the virus doesn’t show symptoms immediately, fellow classmates and surrounding people might also get infected.

It’s not about students safety only, It’s about everyone’s safety. It’s a process of not letting the virus a way of spreading. In Gauhati, the main Covid Surge happened due to election only. There are still chances for everyone to decrease the spread of virus. Staying home is the best method. When everyone from all round the assam coming for examination, If they get infected, University will not be responsible.

Most of the University teachers, the Chancellor & The Vice Chancellor come in Private Car, Bike and that’s how they are little safe. Not every student has their own private vehicle, especially girls. Public transports are the least secure methods to travel now.

Dibrugarh University already postponed their exams even though there are not as much cases compares to Guwahati.

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Engineering institutes like Assam Engineering College, GIMT Guwahati, Jorhat Engineering College are holding Online Exams due to covid spike.

Gauhati University is holding its exam for PG Courses from 30 April 2021, If they don’t want to hold online examination that can just postpone it till further notice till the CoVid spike comes a bit down. But they don’t have these mentality. Their meetings are no good. The conclusion of meeting is always the same. “We don’t care for your life, Just give your exam”.

If all the other universities can understand basic things, Why can’t Gauhati University? Are the members who decide these things this dumb?

The Covid surge is real & in few days it’s gonna go more than 1000 cases per day in Guwahati. If people are not scared or make a reliable decision, Guwahati is going to be second West Bengal.

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